“Lowering the Bar” in Vegas

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Thanks to everyone at my firm, Shook, Hardy and Bacon, for letting me do the live version of "Lowering the Bar" at our firm’s retreat this past weekend in Henderson, Nevada (just outside Vegas), and for not throwing anything especially dangerous at me when the presentation was over.

Those who attended learned important and useful legal information including (but not limited to) the best way to get off the no-fly list, what not to be caught doing if you are claiming to be disabled, and how to sue a bear.  They also, to my continuing surprise, all got an hour of CLE credit in various states.

That show is just about ready to go on the road, according to some audience members who did not appear to be drunk, so let me know if you think you could dupe your organization into having me come and speak.  As long as I am plugging things, Shook, Hardy has a new website — I think mine is funnier, but the official website will tell you a lot more about our firm.

Thanks again for reading.  (Reading this blog, I mean, not reading in general, although that is also extremely important.)