Nebraska County Will Proceed With Pointless Recall Election

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A recall election has been scheduled in Howard County, Nebraska, aimed at the removal from office of Sheriff Troy Kaiser, who is accused of intimidating employees and threatening the county attorney.  (It’s nice to know there is at least one place in America where threatening an attorney is still a crime.)  And the recall election will apparently proceed despite the fact that Kaiser resigned from office a month ago.

According to the County Board, state law requires a planned recall election to be carried out and there is no provision for cancelling it even if the target has already resigned.  The Nebraska Attorney General has recommended the election be cancelled, but board members said he had not provided any documentation to support his decision.

The unnecessary election is expected to cost between $2,500 and $3,000.  The report did not estimate what the turnout would be for an election to recall an official who is not in office.

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