I’m Sorry, Doctor, But What Did You Say Your Name Was?

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This item has been sitting in my file since I first saw it over a year ago, patiently waiting for me to come up with some legal angle to justify posting it here.  I still don't see how to do that, but I'm just going to go ahead with it since this is the last day it is likely to be relevant for any reason at all.

That's because the conclusion of 2008 also brings to a close the term of the most recent president of the California Medical Association, Dr. Richard S. Frankenstein.

A state in which a "Dr. Frankenstein" can become president of the state's largest medical association is one in which I can happily live.

It's a little disappointing that Dr. Frankenstein is a specialist in pulmonary medicine, not brain surgery, but I still enjoy thinking about a patient's reaction to Dr. Frankenstein striding eagerly into the operating room.  And to the cries of "It's alive!!!  ALIVE!" that surely follow every successful surgery.

Well, thanks for letting me purge that item.  Now that that's done, back to legal humor.

Link: California Medical Association (press release)