Chicago Police Discover (Eventually) That 14-Year-Old Isn’t Real Officer

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A Chicago boy has been charged with impersonating a police officer after he successfully impersonated a police officer for several hours, despite being only 14 years old.  To clarify, he fooled other police officers, not just the public.

Andy and Barney The boy, who had once been a member of the "Police Explorers" youth club, apparently showed up at a South Side police station wearing a regulation uniform and claiming to be an officer.  A police spokeswoman said that a sergeant "later questioned the boy" and discovered he was not what he claimed to be.  True, but according to at least one report, "later" turned out to be several hours later, and only after the "rookie" had been assigned a partner and ridden along on a patrol.

Police said they were investigating what they described as a "serious security breach."  A deputy superintendent was careful to note, however, that the boy did not have a gun, did not issue any tickets during the patrol, and did not get to drive the squad car (which is good, because he doesn't have a valid license).  Frankly, if you let anybody who shows up in a uniform go out on patrol, it is not a great defense that you didn't let him drive.

The superintendent also said that, in his opinion, the boy does look older than 14.

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