“Just Couldn’t Take” The Boredom, Says Juror Who Went Home

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Jury duty may look interesting on TV, but then TV makes it look like it only lasts about ten minutes or so. Even the most interesting case involves a fair number of boring interludes, each of which typically lasts a lot longer than the "Law & Order" pre-verdict commercial break. On May 7 in Oregon, 25-year-old Grant Faber made it through half a day, before he decided he "just couldn't take it" anymore and went home.

He did hang around long enough to get a free lunch.

Actually, it is not clear from the report whether Faber had actually been assigned to a jury or was just waiting around at the courthouse to see if he would be picked. The latter is more boring, but it is also hard to see why his absence was noticed immediately if he had not already been assigned. Washington County Circuit Judge Gayle Nachtigal, unamused by Faber's departure, issued a warrant for his arrest and sent the sheriff out to track him down. Faber was located near his home, and said that he left because he had been "extremely bored" and (once lunch was over) "just couldn't take it" anymore.

He may have found his arraignment on May 19 more interesting, but it is hard to tell. Asked by Judge Andy Irwin whether he had an attorney, Faber said "I don't know." (It is tempting to write that as "I dunno," but I'll follow the news report.) If you don't know whether you have an attorney, you probably don't, and so Judge Irwin asked whether Faber needed a court-appointed attorney. "I guess so," Faber replied.  Then he went home to do whatever he does there, possibly banging two bricks together.

Faber is facing contempt charges and if convicted could face up to six months of jail time. One report said that he "could also be sentenced to jury duty," but I don't really see the point of doing that.