City Attorney Apologizes for Trash Can Incident

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Sometimes after a long week of legal work, a guy just needs to unwind, and then find a quiet place to catch up on much-needed rest.

A Quiet Place to Rest

The gentleman pictured above has issued a public apology for the sleepytime incident, but as the local police chief observed, no crime was committed, and it appears no harm was done, except to reputation.  But the unfortunate fact that someone happened by with a camera will apparently result in a discussion with the town council next week.

This is why I always recommend choosing a dumpster for these sorts of impromptu snoozes – you can't readily be seen from the street.  (Make sure it is not trash-pickup day, of course.)  Anybody hoping for a picture of this attorney in drunken repose is going to have to put at least a little work into it.

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