Do You Really Want Your GPS Directions Read By Bob Dylan?

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On his BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday show on August 23, Bob Dylan told listeners that he is "talking to a couple of car companies" about becoming the voice of their GPS navigation systems. 

Great artist, terrible idea.

It is already possible to buy GPS systems that use celebrity voices — John Cleese and Mr. T among them — but I am concerned that a GPS system using Bob Dylan's voice might be considered an inherently defective product.

Dylan himself suggested (and you really should listen to the clip to get the full effect) that his directions might not be the best: "Left at the next street.  No, right.  You know what?  Just go straight."  But even if he got the directions right, would we be able to understand a word coming out of the thing?

And, in general, is it a good idea to have the guy who wrote "Like a Rolling Stone" give directions?

Once upon a time you drove so fine
You should have taken a right at that light . . . why didn't you?
Now up ahead the light is red, did you hear what I said
Did you think that I was . . . kiddin' you?

You used to laugh about
Guys who didn't know the route
Now you can't find your way
Unless you can figure out what I say
And there's no refunds on this deal . . .

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

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