Don’t Miss The [Alberto] Gonzales Cantata

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Senator, The Printout Of Things I Do Not Recall Would Be This High Only two shows left for The Gonzales Cantata, the world's first concert opera based entirely on former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's 2007 appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As you may recall, Gonzales was questioned and criticized (by Republicans as well as Democrats) about the decision to fire certain assistant AGs.  (And if you do recall that, you have a better memory than Gonzales does.)  Every word sung by the 30 performers is taken from the transcripts of those hearings.

An excerpt from the libretto:


GONZALES: I did not make decisions

about who should or should not be asked

to resign.

I don't recall ever saying

"No, take that person off,"

or, "Add this person."

I ultimately approved the list of


that were submitted to me.

Those were my decisions.


LEAHY: You don't recall the meeting

where you made the decision.

How can you be sure you made the



GONZALES: Senator, I recall making the decision.

LEAHY: When?

GONZALES: Sir, I don't recall.

The work, created by Melissa Dunphy, is being performed as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.   

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