Slight Problems Found With “Nurse of the Year” Award

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Here is a short list of the potential problems that authorities recently alleged in connection with Betty Lichtenstein's "Nurse of the Year" award, which she received in 2008:

  • She isn't a nurse.

Wait, I found a few more:

  • She was working at a doctor's office at the time, falsely claiming to be an RN.
  • She was doing things real nurses do, like give injections, without a license.
  • She received the award from the Connecticut Nursing Association.
  • There is no "Connecticut Nursing Association."
  • Lichtenstein staged the dinner at which she received the award.
  • She invited forty people to the fake award dinner, including patients and other staff.
  • She asked the doctor she worked for to be the keynote speaker.
  • She was arrested in May for trying to buy drugs with a forged prescription.
  • She used a slip from her boss's office to do it.

Oh, and "Lichtenstein" isn't her real name.

I think that mostly covers it.

Link: Hartford Courant