Korean Woman Passes Driver’s Test on 950th Try

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It seems like only yesterday that Cha Sa-soon was failing her 775th written driver's test, but in fact it was February.  Cha, a 68-year-old grandmother from South Korea, had been taking the test every two days or so starting sometime in 2005, but had never been able to score the required 60 percent.

Cha Proudly Displays Her Barely Passing Score Turns out, the 950th time is the charm.

The AP reported on Friday that Cha had at long last passed the test, on what was reported to be her 950th try.  The police would only say that she had taken it "hundreds of times," but local media were reporting the specific number. Cha has said she needs the license for her vegetable-selling business, so it's good that she was able to pass the test before it was time to retire.  Or die.

Choi Young-chul, a police officer at the agency in Jeonju where the dramatic license-passing took place, said Cha had passed the test with a score of exactly 60.  Cha is shown in this AP photo, clearly quite pleased with having achieved the minimum passing grade on a test she's taken almost a thousand times.

Officer Choi also said that now that Cha had passed the written test after four years of trying, all she would need to do in order to become licensed was pass the actual driving test.  He didn't say when Attempt No. 1 in that series would take place.

Link: Yahoo! News