Lawyer Sued After Delivering Belly Bump, Sucker Punch

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that an attorney who works with "The Heavy Hitter" Glen Lerner has been sued for allegedly hitting somebody in the face at a charity golf tournament.  Brian Walsh alleges that associate Benjamin Lund "sucker punched" him in a drunken rage of the kind that is all too common at charity golf tournaments these days.

Allegedly, Lund and the rest of his foursome, "visibly drunk," approached three young women working in a hospitality tent after the golfing had concluded.  Lerner's firm had sued Pole Position Raceway, the company sponsoring that tent, and one of the attorneys apparently began to "interrogate" one of the young ladies about the case.  Evidently not liking the answers, the attorneys got angry and (after first allegedly offering money in exchange for certain services) "directed vulgar and sexually explicit language at the Pole Position females for several minutes."

When he learned about this, Pole Position owner Brad Mark, along with Walsh, confronted the Lerner group, and more expletives were exchanged.  According to the complaint, "Lund then levied a powerful belly bump at plaintiff, which knocked plaintiff off balance."  The sucker punch followed, allegedly fracturing Walsh's eye socket and requiring surgery.

Lerner wasn't at the tournament, but is named in the suit on the theory that the "Lerner foursome" was officially representing the firm, making it vicariously liable.  That seems like a stretch, but you never know.

The Heavy Hitter Lerner himself has appeared a couple of times here before, once after he threatened to sue the Nevada State Bar for telling him he couldn't call himself "The Heavy Hitter," and again after he did not show up for a client's murder trial, saying he was out of state on "sabbatical."  He also has a history of remarkable TV ads, including one in which (somewhat ironically) a young Glen Lerner forces a bully to hand over his bike to compensate another kid he has punched in the face. You can see that and others, if you like, by visiting the Glen Lerner page at the Nevada law blog Wild Wild Law.