Clown Shoes Were Defective, Woman Claims

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ShoeBeesWhtRedstrs According to the New York Post, 56-year-old Sherri Perper has sued a costume company and other businesses for injuries she sustained at a Halloween party in 2008.  Perper allegedly sustained leg fractures after a fall she says was caused by defective and dangerous clown shoes.

Clownshoes The report did not say how the shoes were allegedly defective, and apparently no one involved has wanted to comment on the lawsuit, which is pending in Queens County.  Perper's attorney did confirm that she is not a professional clown — which might or might not affect an assumption-of-the-risk defense — but would not disclose the amount of money his client was demanding.  "She does not want any additional publicity," the attorney said.

Probably it will be difficult to keep a defective-clown-shoe lawsuit under wraps, I would think.  I'm certainly not going to help with that.

Link: New York Post