North Face Settles With South Butt

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Last December, as you may recall, the North Face Apparel Co. sued The South Butt LLC, a company started by Missouri teenager Jimmy Winkelmann.  North Face alleged that South Butt was infringing and diluting the famous North Face trademark.  The case appeared to be headed for trial, but last week the parties settled.  The terms were not disclosed.

"All that I'm able to say at this point is that the matter has been amicably resolved," said South Butt's lawyer, Albert Watkins.  "You don't know how much it pains me to only say that."

Although the settlement is confidential, it is clear that South Butt is still in business.  According to Watkins, in fact, Winklelmann immediately returned to Panama City, Florida, where he had gone to hand out South Butt merchandise to those celebrating spring break.

Link: American Lawyer