Finally! A Litigation Game for the iPhone

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Objection The game developer Capcom "deserves a lot of credit for sticking to one of the least appealing-sounding concepts in game history," writes John Herrman at Gizmodo, said concept being one in which you play an attorney in a game that actually involves the legal system (as opposed to one where you start as an attorney but end up saving the world from aliens or Nazis or whatever).  Specifically, you take the role of a defense attorney working up a case.  Eventually you must take the case to court, at which point you may start pushing the button to make an Objection!

The first U.S. version of this game (the third to be released in Japan) came out in June 2005 for the Nintendo DS.  "The law has never been so much fun!" was the tagline for that game, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney," and unfortunately that was probably true.  Still, I would like to think that if it was possible to put together a heavily edited clip of my career and add theme music I would be able to come up with at least 1:21 of dramatic footage along these lines: 

Probably not, but I would like to think that.

Back then, Phoenix was "a nervous defense attorney who [had] just passed the bar," but now — well, based on this clip of iPhone game play he appears to be in that same position, so either this is just a conversion of the 2005 game or Phoenix has had some ethical problems recently.

Dull as this may sound, the game actually has been reviewed pretty favorably ("consistently funny," says Gizmodo), and so it may be worth the $4.99 it will cost you in the App Store.  Those of you considering law school might want to give this game a try, with the exciting music turned off, to see what you think.

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