Wedding Photo Tips for Bigamists

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1. When marrying an additional wife, consider not having pictures taken at the ceremony.  This can be expensive, and in your case, incriminating.

2. If you must have pictures taken, they should be displayed in a simple but tasteful frame, not, for example, in the newspaper.

3. If you insist on submitting your wedding photo to a newspaper, it should not be your local newspaper, at least if your other wife reads the newspaper.

Medium-Sized Love Bigamists, following these three simple rules will spare you and the two or more women you love a great deal of awkwardness and embarrassment.  They may also help you avoid a conviction, although probably you will do something almost as stupid anyway. At the very least, please observe Rule #3. Learn from the example of this Australian bigamist, who forged divorce papers in order to marry a second wife in 2008, and then submitted his wedding photo to his local newspaper.

This did not sit well with Wife #1, who saw the photo and called police.

Triklis, who pleaded guilty last week, was fined $1,800 and sentenced to six months (suspended), which frankly seems a little light for bigamy, forgery and perjury. I can think of at least two people who would agree with me on that.