Comedian-Led Political Party Wins Big in Reykjavik

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Free Towels for All The best party in Reykjavik's local elections this year was the Best Party, a party made up largely of comedians and actors led by "Iceland's most famous comedian," Jon Gnarr.  Gnarr's party won the largest single share of votes in the election (34.7%)  and now controls six of the 15 city-council seats.  The Best Party's platform includes plans to build a roller coaster at the airport and to require all swimming pools to provide free towels.  They also promised a new polar bear for the city zoo and have called for a "drug-free parliament" by 2020.

"We only want what's Best," Gnarr said.

Prior to the election, a more traditional politician had asked voters not to put the city in the "hands of clowns," but as it turned out, the people apparently decided these clowns might do a better job of governing than the ones they already had.

Link: BBC News