Blagojevich: Dying to Testify, Or Maybe Not [UPDATED: Not]

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All quotes from Rod Blagojevich, except as indicated:

  • Dec. 19, 2008: "I'm dying to answer these charges.  I am dying to show you how innocent I am. . . . I intend to answer every allegation that comes my way.  However, I intend to answer them in the appropriate forum – in a court of law."
  • Feb. 10, 2010: "Now I'm not just here talking the talk, I'm gonna walk the walk, which is right up to the witness stand.  And when I take the stand and I testify and I swear on the Holy Bible to tell the truth . . . I expect . . . that the government does the same." 
  • June 2: "I can't wait to get on there, swear on the Holy Bible to tell the whole truth and to begin to give clarification and explanations and confront my accusers and confront those who are lying. …  Both of us [he and his wife Patti] are eager to get up there and tell the truth and testify."
  • June 8: "I'm testifying — are you kidding? And Patti, absolutely. When people say terrible things about you, don’t you fight back?"
  • June 8 [his lawyer, in opening statement]: "I'm telling you now, he's going to testify.  He's not gonna let some chubby, four-eyed lawyer do his talking for him. . . . He's going to get up there and tell you exactly what was going on."
  • June 29: "[W]hen I testify, which I will — and I can’t wait to testify, to set the record straight and clarify some of these conversations, and tell the people of Illinois exactly what was on my mind and what I was trying to do and what I ultimately attempted to do …."
  • July 19, outside courthouse: "Show of hands: Anyone here planning on testifying?" [raises own hand]
  • July 21, Chicago Sun-Times: "[O]n Monday night, the [defense team] agreed that Blagojevich couldn't withstand . . . cross-examination.  They were also concerned because during preparation he was reluctant to admit he made mistakes and couldn't keep his answers brief."
  • July 21, 10:00 AM: Trial resumes.
  • 10:08, Chicago Sun-Times: "Blagojevich sat at the defense table, looking down.  He neatly organized pens in front of his notebook."
  • 10:09: Defense rests.

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