TIP: Lock Up That Basket of Pocketknives If the Ex-Wife Might Drop By

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According to police in Springfield, New Jersey, a man's estranged wife showed up at his home on Sunday and proceeded to thrash him with whatever she could get her hands on. Unfortunately for him, she was able to get her hands on "a basket of pocketknives" he apparently had sitting around, and hit him in the head with it. She then got into her car, drove onto his lawn and tore that up for a while before driving away.

She then returned and broke an end table over his head before leaving again.

The man was able to call police after the basket attack, which I assume means that he at least had enough sense to store his many pocketknives in the closed position. Yes, "Basketful of Pocketknives" sounds like a good name for a band, but it also sounds like a painful and dangerous incident waiting to happen.

Police said the woman no longer lived in the house, which is a condition of her bail. She was charged with assault in May for throwing a fork at her husband's face.

The basketful-of-pocketknives detail makes this possibly the oddest domestic-violence incident since the 2005 case in which a woman was arrested for beating her boyfriend with his own prosthetic leg.