Assorted Stupidity #14

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  • “[I]t is not up to this Hearing Officer to decide whether in fact Respondent was or was not truly possessed by and speaking for [her client’s] deceased wife,” wrote the officer hearing this legal-ethics case. He did go ahead and recommend a suspension, though, so I’m guessing he was leaning toward “no.”
  • The guy who threw his shoes at George W. Bush in 2008 is suing the Iraqi prime minister, alleging he was tortured during his nine-month sentence for shoe hurling. Maybe so, but on the other hand he got a shoe named after him in Bangladesh, and isn’t that compensation enough? Wisely, Muntadhar al-Zeidi has been living in Lebanon since his release. Unwisely, he visited Iraq again this week, and was promptly detained.
  • A hatchet-wielding mummy robbed a gas station on Monday in Herminie, Pennsylvania. The robber, who escaped, reportedly had his head wrapped in fabric. If I wasn’t pretty sure he was still in prison, I would suspect that maybe the Duct Tape Bandit had come up with a slightly better plan.
  • That guy skulking around the Comfort Suites in Urbana, Illinois, may be a Democratic state legislator on the run, according to the New York Times. Seems Illinois is the “refuge of choice” for Democratic lawmakers fleeing Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio to avoid controversial votes. The official Illinois tourism site does have a feature that allows visitors to “Plan Your Getaway,” and we can assume they aren’t going there to visit Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home.