“King of the World” Tased

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"I'm king of the world!" the man shouted as he sprinted down the street. That's usually going to turn out funny unless the shouter is in fact King of the World at the time, in which case it might still be funny but you better keep that to yourself.

In this case, though, it was just a tourist on LSD.

He was also naked, according to the Miami Herald, which reported the incident in Key West, Florida, last month. A deputy who responded to a report of a "nude man running into traffic" at 1:30 in the morning – is there a police 10-code for that? – found three men in the parking lot of "Bobalu's Restaurant," and at least one was in fact nude. It's not clear whether the deputy witnessed the man shouting that he was king of the world, or whether someone else reported that. It is clear, though, that she's the one who tased him.

Three times, in fact. She tased him twice more after he pulled out the first set of darts, an impressive feat that does tend to bolster his claim to world kingship, although he loses a significant number of style points given that kings tend to wear clothes in public. (It's emperors that occasionally don't.)

His Majesty was reportedly visiting from the state in which he is normally enthroned, which turns out to be Pennsylvania.