UC Davis Law School State of Mind

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Above the Law is running its annual Law Revue Video Contest, which solicits funny videos from the nation's law-school students. ATL offers some sort of prize to the winners (though not, apparently, a job), and heaps mockery on non-winners, or at least the ones that clearly belonged at the bottom of a mockery heap.

I was planning to pile on the dishonorable-mention category, but (1) it's ATL's contest, and (2) after watching the first 30 seconds of a couple of those videos, doing legal work suddenly seemed really fun by comparison. So I'll just post this one instead, which somebody sent me independently today but has also been entered in the contest.

Davis is a college town outside Sacramento. Both it and UC Davis Law School seem fine to me, but then I haven't spent as much time there as these people clearly have. There are a fair number of inside jokes, but the law-school ones will translate for many of you, and the performances are actually pretty good. (Well, not the dancing, but I think that's intentionally bad.)

Some residents have complained about the students making fun of the town, but the mayor said he was fine with it and that it was at least "great attention" for the school. "I can't imagine that the admissions office couldn't be more pleased," he said, which I think means the opposite of what he probably intended.