Assorted Stupidity #19 [Updated]

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  • Once again, if you believe public scrutiny is causing someone emotional distress, filing a lawsuit over the situation might not be the best way to minimize that distress. Especially if it is a $10-million lawsuit against an exclusive prep school over an affair your wife may or may not have had with an employee. I point this out as a public service.
  • Last Friday, police in New York arrested a man they said had called in two bomb threats to WPIX-11 TV. Police said the man threatened to blow up the station if it kept airing reruns of "Two and a Half Men," another example of how rarely violence is justified even when your cause is just.
  • Dear Lawyers and Other People Who Use BlackBerries Incessantly in Meetings: at least one CEO is mocking you publicly (starts at about 49:30 of the linked video). [Update: link now goes to the right video, but for some reason this version only has the French translation. I think it may actually be funnier, though, just to listen to that and watch the CEO's body language – go to 49:55 or so to see his impression of what BlackBerry users look like.]
  • Illegal gambling is illegal gambling, say the Iowa police who ticketed bar owners for allegedly letting customers bet on mouse racing. While other charges are also pending, they apparently don't include mistreating the animals, which the owners say are treated as pets when not on the job. "It's not like they are getting ate" if they lose, one owner said. "Not like that at all."