Trump Files $100 Million Counterclaim in “Trump University” Lawsuit

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Via Overlawyered: Donald Trump has filed a $100 million counterclaim against the "Trump University" graduate who sued him over allegedly disappointing results, and this is another one of those lawsuits that you hope nobody wins.

I'm guessing that there is a one-year statute of limitations on defamation claims in that state, because this new filing comes almost exactly a year after the lawsuit itself. See "Paying $60K to Attend Trump University Was a 'Big Mistake,' Plaintiff Now Realizes," Lowering the Bar (May 7, 2010). As I suggested then, while the program does not seem to have provided much value even to "Trump Gold Elite" members – who paid $34,995 for that coveted title – it is also hard to imagine what reasonable people could have expected from "Trump University."

Plaintiff concedes she was provided with free lunch during her three-day "workshop," so it wasn't a total loss, but apparently she contends that for $1,495 she should have gotten more than a sandwich. On the other side of the equation, would it really be possible to do $100 million worth of damage to Donald Trump's reputation, especially now? I guess we'll find out.