Assorted Stupidity #26

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  • WikiLeaks said today it has "commenced pre-litigation action" against the Guardian newspaper and a German citizen for negligently disclosing decryption passwords WikiLeaks gave the Guardian. In other words, it is about to sue somebody for leaking secret information. Based on its press release, it does not appear to see any irony in this whatsoever.
  • Speaking of Germany, its Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (or "Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons," which may sound even more terrifying in English) has just removed DOOM from its "index" of games that can't be sold to minors. Researchers have apparently determined that violent videogames lead to anti-social behavior. My own research confirms that this is the same "Germany" that managed to start two world wars with no help from videogames, but I guess there's no reason to take any more chances.
  • Seems like your buyer will either be smart enough to look inside the box to see if there's really a super-cheap iPad in there, or she won't. If she is, the fact that you carved a fake Apple logo and stuck it on the back of that block of wood is not going to do much good. You dodged the bullet this time, but I'm just letting you know.
  • The TSA's body scanners finally caught somebody – a man at Miami International Airport who had seven snakes and three tortoises in his pants. Good work! Those tortoises might have gnawed part of the way through the cockpit door by this time next year. I'm still going to say, though, that if you can't spot somebody who's smuggling seven snakes and three tortoises in his pants without using expensive, elaborate technology, you should go back to delivering pizza.