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Lowering the Bar Again Selected by ABA Journal as a Top 100 Blawg

The editors of the ABA Journal have again chosen Lowering the Bar, written by Kevin Underhill of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, as one of the top 100 legal blogs in America. The blog made the list for the second year in a row, again being named in the “For Fun” category, there really being no other suitable place to stick it.

This year, it also won the reader vote within that category. “Granted,” Underhill said, “declaring this to be the ‘Most Fun Legal Blog’ is a little like saying that Moe is the smartest Stooge, but both those statements are still true. No, I didn’t think that up myself,” he continued, “but write it down anyway.”

In fact, as Underhill was eventually willing to admit, after being reminded that he did not win last year, and after being promised the vodka bottle would be returned, there is nothing especially scientific about the ABA's nomination or voting process and there are actually quite a few legal blogs that are funny as well as interesting. Several of those were also nominated in the Fun category this year, namely:

Underhill also grudgingly admitted that a number of other blogs, some nominated in other categories this year, some not, are also often very funny even if that is not their main focus. He seemed about to name them for this press release but suddenly slumped into unconsciousness, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the right sidebar.

Lowering the Bar was nominated this year by Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D., also in this year’s Blawg 100. “Kevin Underhill has a knack for finding the most absurd lawsuits and law-related events and then describing them with amazing wit,” Richardson wrote. “Every visit to Lowering the Bar is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.” Reportedly, Richardson was heavily compensated for the endorsement but chose most of the words himself.

"Also write down that I thank them for reading," Underhill shouted, now awake but flailing his arms at what appeared to be an invisible cloud of bees. "Whether they voted or not, and whether they ever clicked on sponsored feed advertising or not. Write it!" Underhill then began to demand the name of Beyonce's husband, at which point this reporter chose to end the interview. 

Lowering the Bar can be reached via Internet tube at, or on the Twitter at @loweringthebar.