“If This Weren’t So Tragic, It’d Be Comical,” Says Clown

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The San Jose Mercury News reported Monday that someone had broken into the home of Steve Jobs’ family on July 17 and stole a bunch of iStuff including iPods, Macs, and iPads, as well as some jewelry and even Steve Jobs’ wallet. It reported this morning that one of the iPads had been located in the comically oversized hands of a local clown, who had been given the device by the thief.

There is no indication that police suspect Kenny the Clown of any criminal activity.

Clown, who is also known as Kenneth Khan, said that the alleged burglar is an acquaintance who may have fallen on hard times (that’s the tragic part), and that he thought his friend had given him the iPad because he was upgrading to a newer model. Apparently there was no engraving or any other identifying mark on the iPad, and he said he had only used iTunes during the few days he had the device and didn’t access anything that might have given him a clue to ownership, let alone identify it as Steve Jobs’ iPad. Police seemed to accept that, and simply asked for the return of the item.

“It’s bizarre; it’s really bizarre,” said Khan, who in addition to being a professional clown unsuccessfully ran for mayor of San Francisco in 2007. (That’s also a little bizarre, if only because he didn’t win.) “It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house,” he said, and that’s true assuming the person getting the football was a professional clown.

“It still hasn’t really 100 percent set in for me,” Khan continued. “It was Steve Jobs’ iPad—literally. If this thing weren’t so tragic, it would be comical.” (See above.)

If you need a clown in the Bay Area (and why not choose this one?), you can contact Kenny via his Facebook page.