Assorted Stupidity #45

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  • According to, at least 2,300 Wall Street traders pay hundreds of dollars per year to subscribe to "financial astrology" newsletters. "They want to have that edge," said "financial astrologer" Karen Starich. "They want to know what the future is." Wow, that would be quite an "edge" in stock trading, now that you mention it. There is probably some explanation as to why Karen Starich isn't fantastically wealthy herself (sorry—astronomically wealthy), and whatever that explanation is, it is complete bullshit.
  • Should you come across a metal rod with the word "Kaboom" written on it, there is no reason to panic. At least in Akron, Ohio, because there the most likely explanation is that local resident "Natural Hunka Kaboom" has just left his walking stick lying around again. Last Monday, Akron City Hall was briefly evacuated due to Mr. Kaboom's carelessness and the fact that he had written "Kaboom" on the side of an item that vaguely resembles a pipe bomb.