Man Charged Again With Faking Disability to Get Diaper Changed

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This is bad enough even without the word "again."

Huggies_05102010133450A plea deal is allegedly in the works for a New Hampshire man facing at least five counts of felony indecent exposure based on his practice of tricking home care workers into changing his diaper by pretending to have a brain injury. According to the report, the man was charged with five counts of this last year after a woman he solicited through Craigslist "grew suspicious of [his] behavior" and reported him. He was arrested again for the same conduct in September, apparently having been caught in a Craigslist "sting" operation.

Court documents refer to at least two victims of the diaper-fraud scheme, but police said "they received reports from several other women" during their investigation but could not pursue those because the statute of limitations had run.

The Union Leader reported last year that the man had originally pleaded not guilty, in a report headlined "Diaper man says he's clean."