Good Reason to Kill #29: Didn’t Vote

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Is it a good thing to exercise your right to vote? Yes, it is, in the abstract, no matter who you actually vote for, I suppose. Probably. Given the lackluster choices we are typically presented with, though, and how polarized many areas have become, it is at least understandable that some citizens might choose not to exercise their right to vote in any particular election. And that is their right, too.

It's not a valid reason to run somebody over, is what I'm trying to say.

I Voted! Did You?


Especially your spouse. On Saturday, an Arizona woman reportedly chased her husband around a parking lot in an SUV (she was in an SUV, he wasn't, hence the problem), ultimately running him down, after they argued over the presidential election. Specifically, the husband (who survived) told police that his wife "just hates Obama," that she blamed Obama for her family's difficulties and was incensed that her husband had not voted (against him). After what witnesses described as "a lot of yelling," the non-voter first hid behind a light pole, and then tried to walk away; the SUV-driving voter first circled him repeatedly "while continuing to yell at him," and then struck him when he tried to run. (There has been some suggestion that she mixed up the gas pedal and the brake at the last minute, which is certainly possible.)

Nothing funny about the injury itself, as always, but I did find the first news clip at the above link very amusing because they put the cameraman in an SUV and drove it around while the reporter pretended to hide behind the light pole. We get it, local news.

Surprisingly, alcohol does not seem to have been a factor. The victim said his wife had "just found out [Obama] won" (although this happened on Saturday) and presumably found out her husband had not voted very shortly thereafter. (Rule No. 1 of discussing politics with a significant other: don't. Rule No. 2: if you can't avoid it, get the car keys first.)

Can't we all just get along? No, of course we can't, but we can successfully not kill each other over politics. Of that I am relatively certain. Probably.