Dramatic Bomb Scare Probably Ends Uneventfully

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This was posted on Reddit and according to a commenter there it's from the local paper in Hudson, Ohio. The image is a little blurry so I'll transcribe it:

Did you order a bomb?

HUDSON—A Sullivan Road resident called police to report a "suspicious package" on his front porch Nov. 2 at 3:20 p.m.

The resident said he observed an unknown person leave the package and called police, according to the police report.

The officer said he could see the package was clearly labeled with the Amazon.com logo and asked the man if he had ordered anything from the firm recently.

The man reportedly said "Why yes, I did."

The officer told the resident his order had arrived. The resident then said he was comfortable opening the box. The officer then left the scene, according to the report.

I couldn't find the article itself online, so I guess it's possible that it concludes, "The resident was then blown to smithereens."

That might still be funny but in an entirely different way.