Official State Crap: Arkansas

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  • Official state nickname: "The Natural State."
  • First official state motto: Regnant Populi ("The People(s) Rule"?).
  • Year they decided that was either grammatically incorrect in Latin or not quite what they wanted to say: 1907.
  • Current official state motto: Regnat Populus ("The People Rule").
  • Official state insect: the honeybee.
  • Official state beverage: milk.
  • Official state musical instrument: the fiddle.
  • Official state fruit and vegetable: the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato.
  • Official state fruit and vegetable explanation: "It is found and determined by the General Assembly that the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato has a taste, texture, appearance, and aroma second to none and that the tomato is botanically a fruit and used as a vegetable. It is further determined by the General Assembly that Arkansas does not have a state fruit or a state vegetable. Therefore, the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato shall be the official state fruit and the official state vegetable."
  • Official (and kinda spicy) state songs: "Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)" and "Oh, Arkansas."
  • Official state anthem: "Arkansas," written by Mrs. Eva Ware Barrett.
  • Official historical song: "The Arkansas Traveler."
  • Official cop-out of a legislature that couldn't decide on an official state song: "Recognizing that Arkansas has two (2) state songs, one (1) state anthem, and one (1) historical state song, the Secretary of State shall respond to requests for a copy of the Arkansas state song by furnishing copies of "Arkansas", written by Mrs. Eva Ware Barnett."
  • Official state bird: the mockingbird.
  • Official state tree: the tomato. No, just kidding, it's the pine tree.
  • Official state folk dance: the square dance.
  • Official Southeast Arkansas Purple Martin capital: Lake Village.
  • Official explanation for the latter: "Since the purple martin, a bird known for its appetite for flying insects, is deemed by most as an attractive asset for its appearance, song, cleanliness, and diet—America's Most Wanted Bird, and since the City of Lake Village in Chicot County of southeastern Arkansas is located along the North-South Flyway, the major migration route for millions of birds, the City of Lake Village in Chicot County shall be designated by the General Assembly to be known as the 'Southeast Purple Martin Capital of the State of Arkansas.'"
  • Official trout capital: Cotter, Arkansas, which is on the White River between Flippin and Gassville. Maybe five miles northeast of Yellville.
  • Official state soil: the Stuttgart soil series, a "member of a soil family of fine, smectitic, thermic albaquultic hapludalfs."
  • Official state thing most likely to contain a bunch of made-up words: that one.
  • Official state historic cooking vessel: the Dutch oven.
  • Official state butterfly: the Diana fritillary butterfly, which (as in Arizona) the legislature makes clear has not been granted "protected status."
  • Official state grape: the Cynthiana grape (vitis aestivalis), which is also officially not protected.
  • Official state nut: the pecan, which, just in case it is ever endangered, is also not protected.

Ark. Code §§ 1-4-1 through 1-4-130.