John McAfee: “I’m a Master at Sullying My Own Name”

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Turns out that former software mogul and current oddball John McAfee successfully escaped the persecution (or prosecution, depending on who you believe) he was facing in Belize. See "If I Am Captured, This Blog Will Continue," Lowering the Bar (Dec. 6, 2012)). He recently surfaced (electronically) on Slashdot, where he agreed to answer a few readers' questions.

I thought this one was representative:

AmiMoJo: Doesn't it bother you that your name is being used to peddle one of the worst anti-virus products on the market?

McAfee: I haven't been involved with McAfee Ant-virus [sic] for 21 years…. What happened after I left was none of my doing. As to name association, I am a master at sullying my own name and, all things considered, being associated with the worst software on the planet ranks way down the pole. It's barely a blip in the ocean of associations – madman, paranoid, child molester, murderer, drug addict, unstable, liar, to name but a few. Thank god I'm 67 and will probably be too hard of hearing soon enough to have to listen to them rattling around wherever I go. Amy [one of several girlfriends] did half the job already by bursting my left eardrum when she tried to shoot me in the head while I slept back in 2011.

You get the sense that if the guy had chosen journalism instead of bath salts, he could have been the next Hunter S. Thompson.

Now that I think about it, I guess I mean "journalism in addition to bath salts."