Good Reason to Kill #34: Bishop to Queen’s Knight 6, Checkmate

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A chess match between neighbors turned into an eight-hour police standoff after a Bellevue man pulled a gun on his opponent early Thursday morning, police said.

The man's opponent wisely resigned from the match at that point and departed, after which he called police. They responded, as is all too common these days, with numerous officers, helicopters, at least one SWAT team and even an armored vehicle. According to the report in the Seattle Times, police also deployed a robot equipped with stun grenades and tear gas in an effort to bring the siege to an end, making this easily the most dramatic chess match since Morphy defeated the Duke of Brunswick in 1858 using the Benko Gambit followed by a decisive artillery barrage.

Ultimately, the man released all the pieces he had captured and surrendered peacefully.