The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance!

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I am very happy to announce that my project of collecting odd laws, which I creatively referred to as "The Odd Law Project," has now become (or I guess is about to become) my first book:

ESO cover

Obviously I changed the name.

Here are answers to some questions you may have about this book (this is part of what's on the back cover, actually):

Is this book about Sasquatches?  No, it’s about strange-but-true laws.

I was really looking for a book about Sasquatches. That isn’t a question.

Are all the laws in this book actually real?  Yes.

Has a lawyer confirmed that?  Yes.

Was this book written by a lawyer?  Would that make you more or less likely to buy it?

What other books has this lawyer written? This is his first one, but he does write a legal-humor blog called Lowering the Bar (

Some endorsements (of the blog) follow, most of which are taken from emails that some of you have been kind enough to send me over the years (I didn't use your names) and only one of which is totally fabricated.

Of the 250 or so laws that are mentioned in the book, two or three dozen are examples that some of you sent in, and in that case I did use your names, though only in the acknowledgments section. They are right there in print next to the image credits and dedications, and also the name of the guy who drew the butt that appears on page 262. Thanks very much for your help. Some of those examples I would probably never have located. Definitely not the Brazilian stutterers' discount—that was almost the title of the book—so thanks especially for that one.

The question I hope you are asking right now is, Kevin, how can I buy a copy of this book? Actually, the question I hope you are asking is, can I get a discount if I buy in bulk, and the answer to that is MY GOD, YES. But if you just want one or a few copies, that's great too. The book is being printed RIGHT NOW and should be available on December 10 (one week from today). [Go here to learn about the ordering options and to get a discount code.] Is it a coincidence that this book is coming out just in time for Christmas? NO IT IS NOT. What a great gift idea, he mused aloud.

I enjoyed writing this thing and I hope you enjoy reading it. I have very much appreciated your support and readership over the years, and this book is my gift to you. A gift that lists for $22.95 or just $17.95 if you are an ABA member, so I guess "gift" was more of a figure of speech there. But I do hope you enjoy it.