Police-Brutality Claim Averted by Video Evidence

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A man in Liverpool, England, who was arrested after police responded to a report of a domestic dispute appeared before a judge with bruises on his face, and told the judge that the police had beaten him up.  Unfortunately for that claim, the holding cell he had been placed in after his arrest was monitored by a video camera.  According to the report, "It was there that he was captured on camera punching his own face."

Please join me now in asking the Lord to cause this video to be posted upon YouTube.

The man’s attorney told reporters that his client’s "behavior was foolish and he spent 12 hours in custody to reflect on his foolish behavior."  The judge fined him about 150 pounds and ordered him to "keep the peace" with his girlfriend for at least the next six months.  Presumably his fist and face will be trying to work things out during that time as well.

Link: United Press International