Order Requiring Socks

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COMES NOW your humble correspondent and hereby gives notice of the fact that on August 25, 2014, in the case entitled In re Proper Courtroom Attire, then pending in the Circuit Court of Blackford County, Indiana, Judge Dean A. Young, presiding, the aforementioned judge did issue an order regarding proper courtroom attire for male attorneys appearing in the aforementioned Court, viz., that socks are not optional:

The order does not specifically require the wearing of ties, but strongly implies that such are to be considered just as much a part of "appropriate business attire" as the wearing of socks. I think one ignores that implication at one's peril. Further, note that the court did specifically order the attorney to wear said socks "upon his feet," presumably suspecting he might show up for court with a sock or socks worn elsewhere. That would be quite hilarious, although maybe less so when the inmates you'd soon be meeting asked you what you were in for.

Final note: if you demand that a judge show you "orders or other legal authority" on something like this, that wish will be granted one way or another.

Via Indiana Law Blog (among others).

For an example of a court with a slightly more liberal dress code, see "Motion to Compel Defense Counsel to Wear Appropriate Shoes," Lowering the Bar (July 29, 2009) (and follow-up).