Other Things to Read!

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Here are some reading recommendations for the holiday weekend (this assumes, of course, that you have already read carefully and in full each of the 3,396 posts and one book that I have spewed forth to date):

  • Former federal prosecutor and current author Alison Leotta has a new novel out, called A Good Killing (Amazon, B&N). I haven't read this one yet but have read her earlier stuff and liked it a lot, even though there was not a single alien or spaceship in any of it. Especially if you like Grisham-style legal thrillers, get this one.
  • David Lat of Above the Law has also written a novel, called Supreme Ambitions (Amazon). Judge Kozinski described it as "[s]o realistic, it makes your teeth hurt," and Scott Greenfield "absolutely loved" it. What more do you need?
  • If you are interested in hearing about security issues from somebody who actually knows what he's talking about and makes complete sense, that'd be Bruce Schneier (blog, numerous books, op-ed pieces, etc.). Here's all you really need to know: in 2012 the TSA insisted that Bruce not be allowed to testify in a 2012 congressional hearing about its full-body scanner program.
  • Although the TSA has never kicked it out of anything as far as I know, The Green Bag law journal should still be on every lawyer's reading list. In fact, any lawyer who doesn't personally subscribe to it, at least if it has been publishing that lawyer's own year-in-review thing for years, is an inherently bad person.
  • Fine—I forgot to subscribe because I get a circulated copy via my firm's library. Also because I am an inherently bad person, but I have now fixed at least the subscription problem.
  • Finally (for now), I wanted to mention two recent posts by Ken White at Popehat. Lots of good writing there but Ken has really been turning out great stuff lately.
  • Second, Ken's most recent post, "Happy to Be Here," is (as Cory Doctorow describes it) a "frank, brave, honest, and important" piece about depression. It is also funny, and if you think a piece about depression can't be funny, just read his paragraph about golf pencils. You should read and share this if you suffer from depression or know someone who does, or you think you might suffer from depression or might know someone who does, or if you and all your friends are fine but you give a crap about people in the abstract. It is very likely to help someone.

Have a good weekend.