Things Not to Say to Employees #1-5

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Here’s one:

Over dinner, CEO [redacted] directed an unwelcomed “joke” to Ms. [redacted]: “Would you rather have your female genitalia on your hand so everyone could see it, or would you rather your husband have his male genitalia on his hand so everyone could see it?”

That’s one of the as yet unproven allegations in this complaint mentioned by Courthouse News Service, a complaint that charges the company with fostering a “hostile work environment.” Here’s another one:

Despite objections by Ms. [redacted], Mr. [redacted] continued, bringing up such things as references to his wife, “gimp monkeys” and “impotence.”

Also, another thing not to say would be:

Mr. [redacted] and another Senior Executive, Corporate Controller [redacted], described how a giraffe and a goat could be placed to mate in cross-species sex, and the breeding [of] a giraffe and a goat [hybrid].

And then also do not say:

Mr. [redacted] described how his college roommates made molds of their penises and displayed them on the mantle in their apartment.

Finally, how many times must I remind people not to do this:

On another occasion, Mr. [redacted] told Ms. [redacted] not to dream of [redacted]’s Chief Financial Officer wearing a singlet wrestling his prom date while naked midgets are cheering for him on the sidelines using Siamese furry cats as pom poms! [sic]

This might or might not be a continuing series.