Assorted Stupidity #98

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  • Some lawyers who sued a former client for complaining on Yelp about their service learned why that isn’t a good idea: her new lawyer filed an anti-SLAPP motion and won, and the judge ordered the former lawyers to pay $27k in attorneys’ fees. I should mention that the lawyers involved work for the Tuan A. Khuu Law Firm, in case they would like to sue me as well.
  • Did the program include TSA employees? Of course!
  • On the bright side, the state of Iowa has completely disbanded its state “forfeiture” team, thus ending at least one of the many civil-forfeiture programs that are so utterly corrupt and horrible. The state also paid $60,000 to settle a case in which state troopers stole $100,000 from two gamblers who happened to be traveling with a lot of cash and a little pot. The state had previously returned about $90,000 of the stolen money; the $60k is in addition to that.
  • Authorities have shut down the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, which might be an act of war except that it wasn’t a real embassy. Some guys just ran up the flag, put up a picture of Barack Obama, and sold fake visas and whatnot. They only got away with that for about ten years, though.