Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk, At Gunpoint

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Friends of David Woodward took a no-nonsense approach to keeping him from driving after a party last November in Bloomington, Indiana.

At the end of the night, Woodward insisted that he would drive himself home to Indianapolis, which his equally drunken friends still recognized was Not a Good Idea. One tried to take Woodward’s car keys, but grabbed the wrong set, which allowed Woodward to get in his car and attempt to drive away. The driveway was blocked by another car, which gave another safety-conscious friend time to take decisive action. He got a handgun and shot out the tires of Woodward’s car. (In my experience, this will do the trick although whether it raises the overall safety factor is another question.) An ungrateful Woodward then got out of the car and attacked his friend with a knife.

The car was the only casualty, but both men were eventually charged with battery.