Lawyer’s Briefs Save His Life

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The Washington Post reports that Ben Lipscomb, a city attorney for Rogers, Arkansas, got lost while duck hunting and was forced to take off his underwear and use them to signal a police helicopter. Lipscomb’s camouflage hunting gear apparently made him otherwise impossible to see from the air, and he said the helicopter had passed him over several times before he had the idea to tie his white briefs to his gun barrel and wave like mad.

I have no idea why he couldn’t just wave his banjo. Guess it never occurred to him.

Lipscomb told CNN he had been lost for about 12 hours when he was rescued, although the Post‘s report says seven. “To survive,” reported CNN, “he drank dirty bayou water and ate a raw duck breast.” Personally, I think I could last more than seven to 12 hours before I would eat a raw duck, but I guess you really never know.