Assorted Stupidity #21

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  • How do you hide a mink coat in your underpants for three days? It's not a riddle, I really don't know. I've read this report several times now and I can't visualize how this might have worked. And for that I am very thankful.
  • Blogger: restaurant's food was "too salty." Owner: You have slandered me. Judge: Go to jail for 30 days and pay this man $7,000. Blogger: I regret living in Taiwan.
  • An upcoming reality show will reportedly follow employees of the Department of Homeland Security. Inside the DHS will tell "the real story of the day-to-day battle to keep us safe, prepared and resilient," according to some asshole at AMC. I assume an early episode will tell the real story of how a guy flew from JFK to LAX using an expired boarding pass with somebody else's name on it.
  • I thought the story of the "Exploding Martha Stewart Living Table" demonstrated both an interesting products liability issue and a compound adjective in some serious need of hyphenation.
  • Anti-discrimination laws are pretty broad, but there's at least one class of people you can still discriminate against — felons. In Semler v. G.E. Capital Corp., the plaintiff sued after he was denied a loan on the grounds he had been convicted of illegal arms trafficking. Turns out that even in California, this is not a civil-rights violation.