The Savior Has No Comment At This Time

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A West Virginia man is continuing his battle to be recognized as Jesus Christ, after a recent partial victory in the D.C. Court of Appeals.  Although his Florida birth certificate bears his pre-Christian name, "Peter Robert Phillips Jr.," he does have a passport, Social Security card and D.C. driver’s license in the name of Christ.

West Virginia is refusing to recognize Christ, however, saying he cannot prove that he legally bears that name.  A D.C. Superior Court judge previously refused to allow him to change it, saying that having such a name might provoke violence or offend people.  (It would also attract lepers, but that does not appear to have been a basis for the ruling.)  Christ’s attorney argued that his client had been using the name for over 15 years without incident, and the Court of Appeals recently reversed on various grounds, ordering another hearing in the matter.

The AP, however, was unable to reach the Savior for comment.  A spokesperson stated that "Christ is not speaking to the press at this time."

Link: Houston Chronicle