Assorted Stupidity #20

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  • Via Popehat: the very funny site WTForever 21, which sometimes praises but usually mocks the fashions sold by Forever 21, is now being threatened by that company, which apparently hasn't heard of either the First Amendment or the Streisand Effect. Example of the latter: I'd never heard of Forever 21 before this, but now I know it sells this thing (right). And you do too.
  • One person's take on why Anthony Weiner's conduct must be harshly condemned: "God help us if we as leaders ourselves truly cannot see why our standards should be high. Just consider what happened to Rome." Yes, it was when Commodus started sexting that the decline began.
  • Canada's federal whistleblower panel, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal, is about to hear its first case. This is news because it has existed for four years, evidently with nothing to do. Maybe there is no wrongdoing in Canada, although the report suggests the former "Public Sector Integrity Commissioner" just didn't bother to refer any cases.
  • "It's shocking that people are just so stupid," said Lt. John Walker. He was talking about the Philadelphia woman who posted an ad for a hit man on Facebook, and probably also the man who responded and had also posted a picture of himself holding a gun. Both were arrested. You know, over time, it gets less shocking, but they can still surprise you.
  • Sources report that a "confetti assault" took place at Iowa City's annual Gay Pride Parade. Officers witnessed a "heated argument" that ended with the accused flinging confetti in the other man's face. Though uninjured, the target seems to have pressed charges on the grounds he was "offended" by the contact. According to the report, the assailant has a record: he was "arrested last July when he allegedly punched a man in the face for refusing to hug him."