Woman Sues Over Negligent Jiggling Contest

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A New Jersey woman who was injured while participating in the "Shake-It-Like-Shakira" contest at Calico Jack’s Cantina in New York City has sued, alleging that the cantina’s owners and operators should have known the dance contest was "dangerous and likely to lead to injury." Participants, on the other hand, would have had no idea that attempting to shake it like Shakira while dancing on top of the bar while drinking might lead to injury.

This participant fell off the bar and now alleges that she suffered a torn knee ligament that required surgery. She and about ten other women had paid $35 each to participate in the contest, which offered $250 for first prize.  Plus the chance to make much more money through possible lawsuits. Plaintiff alleges that, in addition to knowing of the dangers, was negligent in "permitting the bar area to become and remain wet and otherwise in an unsafe condition, and by failing to warn customers of the hazards presented" by getting up on a wet platform and undulating. The suit demands unspecified damages.

A man at Calico Jack’s who identified himself as "Tom the Manager" refused to comment.

Link: AP via My Way News