Borat Defeats Frat-Guy Defamation Lawsuit

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Superior Court Judge Joseph Biderman ruled today that he would not enjoin the movie "Borat" in a lawsuit by two South Carolina fraternity brothers who were shown in embarrassing circumstances.  The two claimed they were duped into appearing in the movie after the producers got them drunk and falsely promised that the "documentary" would not be shown in the United States.

Since the movie itself will not be in theaters too much longer, the arguments as to injunctive relief focused on harm that might occur from the future DVD release, which will allow viewers to repeatedly watch the two men say (among other things) that it’s too bad slavery was abolished.  Judge Biderman denied the motion for an injunction despite the plaintiffs’ argument that the movie had cost one of them "a job at a major corporation" and another "a prestigious internship."  Apparently Judge Biderman found those claims unlikely.