UPDATE: Charges Against Accused Serial Meower Are Dismissed

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Back in August, I reported on the dramatic story of the criminal harassment charges filed against a Pennsylvania teenager, accused of repeatedly meowing at his neighbor, 78-year-old Alexandra Carasia. Today, those charges were dismissed.

The meowing allegedly began after the boy's family felt obligated to get rid of their cat after Carasia informed police that said cat was using her flower garden as a litter box. The parties disputed the extent of the meowing. The boy admitted meowing, but only twice; Carasia testified it was "every time he saw her." (Maybe he only saw her twice.) The judge heard the case in August but said he would wait 90 days before ruling to see how the parties were getting along.

On Monday, December 11, the judge dismissed the charges, although he "reprimanded" the boy, saying he was immature and should have used better judgment.  Carasia, who was immature and should have used better judgment, said she was satisfied with the reprimand. "He used to be a good boy," she said, but claimed his recent conduct "has done emotional harm" to her. "I was the one who was tortured," she continued, the latest in a string of embarrassments for the word "torture," which has now lost all sense of purpose and just sits on the curb drinking, remembering when it used to really mean something.

Link: AP via Yahoo! News