Why Not to Slap Fellow Airline Passengers, Reason #1

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Wanting to slap fellow passengers (and their crying babies) is entirely understandable, but here’s a reason to stop and think before you do it.  A US Airways passenger was arrested yesterday after he threw a "mid-air temper tantrum" on a flight from Washington to Fort Myers, Florida.  The tantrum was for the usual reason — flight attendants refused to serve the man any more alcohol.  But the tantrum went further than most when the man then got into an argument with a fellow passenger and allegedly slapped him.

The slappee turned out to be an undercover air marshal.  D’oh!

The air marshal "detained the man for the remainder of the flight" — where was he going to go? — and arrested him once they got to their destination.  The slapper was to be arraigned today and charged with "interfering with a flight crew" and with interfering with the face of an undercover air marshal.

Link: CNN.com