Best Lawsuit of 2006?

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I also want to honor the most compelling lawsuit of 2006.  It was particularly hard to choose between so many qualified contenders in this area, so I definitely wanted to put this to a vote.  (Note: these lawsuits are ones that I reported on during 2006.  They may have been filed, dismissed, or ruled upon during that year.  I’m still counting them for 2006.)

The nominees in this category are:

Gokey v. Lodi v. Gokey (the second case I know of where someone’s basically sued himself)

Meckler v. Old Orchard Shopping Center (claiming mall was responsible for squirrel attack)

Heckard v. Jordan (plaintiff claimed he was sick of being mistaken for Michael Jordan)

Alamo v. Howard (a.k.a. Ninja v. Ninja v. Ninja’s Grandmother)

Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine v. McDonald’s (warning them not to cook meat)

It’s a good year for bad lawsuits when you have to leave out a case I called "Defective Hairpiece Blamed for Cardiac Arrest" for lack of space.