I Am Also the Father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby

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I might as well throw my hat in the ring, since everybody else seems to be.

You may want to take notes, but this story is worth it.  Here we go.

The third and latest guy claiming to be the father of poor Dannielynn Smith, the 5-month-old daughter of recently deceased former Playmate and possible multi-millionairess Anna Nicole Smith, is Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, the 59-year-old husband of 90-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor.  Von Anhalt, who is not, as MSNBC has reported, a hereditary prince of the German principality of Anhalt, but rather has that name (but not the legal title) as a consequence of having been adopted in 1980 by an elderly German princess of Anhalt, married Gabor in 1986 after her marriage to her eighth husband was annulled due to bigamy.

Still with me?

Von Anhalt claims that Smith approached him a few years after that, telling him she was a "very big fan" of Zsa Zsa and wanted to be a princess just like her.   He was apparently reluctant either to divorce Gabor or to tell Smith he was not actually a prince in the first place, but was willing to have sex with Smith, which he says he did for approximately ten years (off and on).  Smith of course was married to ancient oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II for most of that time, so that both golddiggers were cheating on their elderly spouses and gravy trains by doing so.  While von Anhalt was not willing to divorce his wife, he says he did consider adopting Smith (to make her a "princess") and even had the papers drawn up, but Zsa Zsa refused to sign them.

According to von Anhalt, he and Smith were together last year about the time the baby would have been fathered.  Two other men, including attorney Howard Stern (no relation) and Smith’s former boyfriend are also currently claiming to be the father of Smith’s baby, and so that legal battle is well under way.  Von Anhalt says he will join it if either of the other two men gains custody of the baby, which coincidentally would also bring control of the millions that the baby may one day be entitled to.

The last time that I said a story couldn’t get any weirder, I ended up saying that about five times, so no predictions here.  If an astronaut drives a thousand miles in a diaper to kidnap Zsa Zsa Gabor, I might rethink that, but I don’t know what else would qualify.

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